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Two Strikes

With stunning hand-drawn animations, 2D fighting game Two Strikes throws you into Japan's brutal Sengoku period, where samurais, warrior monks, and ruthless outlaws battle for their chance at redemption. Your fate is decided in one or two hits, making it a fast-paced, thrilling gaming experience.

Experience the thrill of life-and-death duels that can be decided in the blink of an eye!

Two Strikes is a 2D fighting game with beautiful hand-drawn animations, where warriors, in a Bloody Period in Japan, battle in deadly duels that can be decided in one or two blows.

Choose from 8 unique warriors, each with their own unique moves and fighting styles.


Position yourself with caution, lives are at stake and every step counts; dash to get close or avoid attacks.

Now you have your opponent at your weapon's reach! Attacking is the only way to victory, but be careful, quick attacks are easy to read and dodge!

Letting your opponent think about your next move is the key to dominating your enemies! Feint attacks by cancelling them with dashes!

And finally, once you have your opponent figured out, finish him off with powerful attacks!


Story Mode - Each fighter has a story to tell!

One Life - Defeat all fighters with only one life

Arcade - Fight each enemy multiple rounds

Team Duel - Choose two fighters to defeat NPC duos

Casual Mode - Choose your opponent to practice with


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