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Stickin' the Landing

Stickin’ the Landing is a relaxing puzzle game where you pilot a spaceship around outlandish galaxies, using stickers and their gravitational properties to reach your destination. Embark on an odyssey through the home’s nooks and crannies, and discover everything this marvelous world has to offer!

Embark on an epic journey through the boundless realms of imagination, navigating the different “galaxies” scattered throughout the house. Chart a course through the kitchen, living room, bathroom… discovering new stickers and wielding their unique powers to uncover all the hidden wonders in this captivating and creative universe.

  • How to play: Grab the stickers from your notebook and place them strategically in order to traverse through their gravitational fields. Avoid obstacles or use them to your advantage to help the spaceship reach the goal unscathed. Every level has a star, secure it in order to unlock the secret levels in each world.

  • Physics-based mechanics: Gravity in the Stickin’ The Landing simulates Newtonian physics, so the forces being applied to the spaceship are proportional to the different masses of the planets and inversely proportional to the distance between them.

  • Limitless solutions: Every level can be beaten in an infinite number of ways, the only bounds are your imagination!

  • Handmade frame by frame animations.

  • Wholesome and charming visuals.

Explore over 120 levels spread across six different worlds. Discover and engage with the unique mechanics each world has to offer as you aim for the perfect landing!

Look for all the stars and unlock the hidden secrets of this world!

Each sticker exhibits unique emotions and will dynamically react to its environment.

Collect them all and discover their special abilities!


Copyright © 2024 Published by Entalto Publishing, Developed by Adrift Team. All rights reserved.

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