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Manitas Kitchen

Welcome to Manitas Kitchen, a casual cooking game with a dressing of arcade and mini-games, where you'll meet Trexito, a T-Rex with short arms that has one dream: to become the best pizza maker!

Manitas Kitchen is a cooking game in which you play as Trexito, a Tyrannosaurus with a dream to fulfil: make P I Z Z A S, but their short little hands are making it hard.

Bring together a group of dinosaurs with extraordinary skills to make up the best kitchen brigade the world has ever seen. All under the supervision of a very rude and very tiny boss

Dough, ingredients, oven... wait, don't forget the sauce! All together to make the perfect pizzas and deliver up on time through the more modern and cool delivery tube a cave has even seen!

Last, but not least: BEWARE THE DINO-SQUAD!

Trexito will be helped by a group of skilled, smart and dangerous dinos! Meet Freckles "The Dough Expert", Marsh "The Oven Master" and Collini "The Sauce Guy"


Features of 'Manitas Kitchen':

Pizza-gression: Make delicious pizzas from the start and unlock new recipes by buying ingredients!

Crime Drama Narrative: Alpadino hides something in the restaurant's basement and Trexito is starting to suspect… will be you the one that exposes Alpa's secret?

Mental State Management: Help Trexito to manage his stress-levels in order to have a good chef performance. Although, be careful and don't over-stress Trexie or else they will close earlier!

Dino-Squad Ultimates: Each dino (except from 'The Boss') has a specialty that, in-game, is reflected through their chore mechanics, which ranges from a flamethrower to bake the pizzas to smashing dough with their tale!

And Don’t Forget Your Pizza!


Copyright © 2023 Published by Entalto Publishing, Developed by Little Arrow Games. All rights reserved.

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