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Experience the explosive VR remaster of Kromaia, celebrating its tenth anniversary! Immerse yourself in frantic old-school action, high-octane blasting, and a 360˚ environment. Unleash your firepower anywhere and everywhere in this groundbreaking VR adventure!

Get ready for the ultimate VR remaster of Kromaia: ANNIVERSARY X, exclusively for PlayStation 5's PSVR2! Immerse yourself in the explosive action of classic coin-op shoot-'em-ups as they collide headfirst into the 21st century. Engage in high-octane blasting, navigate a 360˚ environment, and unleash your firepower anywhere and everywhere!

  • Set in a vast three-dimensional space, you'll have the freedom to explore, dodge, and blast through hordes of enemies determined to take you down. With objectives scattered in every direction, it's a true test of your high-speed flying and sharpshooting skills – only the most skilled space pilots need apply!

  • Experience true 360˚ action in massive 3D worlds, filled with targets waiting to be obliterated. The adaptive AI ensures that the challenge grows alongside your abilities, providing an ever-evolving and intense experience.

  • Survive through each objective to face even greater adversaries – colossal bosses that must be defeated before they destroy you!

  • Choose your ship from four unique options, each equipped with its own distinct weaponry. Whether you prefer rapid-fire guns, homing shots, powerful blasts, or up-close melee strikes, Kromaia: ANNIVERSARY X lets you tailor the action to your playstyle.

Prepare to push the boundaries of immersion with this groundbreaking VR remaster, exclusively designed for PlayStation 5's PSVR2. Kromaia: ANNIVERSARY X will transport you into a new dimension of gaming excitement!


Copyright © 2023 Published by Entalto Publishing, Developed by Kraken Empire. All rights reserved.

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