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Ink Inside

Play as Stick, an unfinished doodle trying to discover who they are. Uncover hidden memories and save your friends in this hand drawn beat-em-up action RPG with the heart of a Saturday Morning Cartoon!

From some of the minds behind Steven Universe: Unleash the Light, Ink Inside comes a hand drawn adventure with the heart of a Saturday Morning Cartoon!

Play as Stick, an unfinished doodle trapped in a box of notebooks beneath a slowly leaking ceiling. As the water seeps into the notebooks, it warps the land around them and turns once friendly doodles into mindless, soggy monsters. Uncover lost memories and save your friends by battling back the waves of wetness corrupting the world.

Reveal Stick’s Genetic Memory or Gene Meme - the memory each doodle shares with their creator, Hannah. Explore the worlds between the sketchbooks to unlock memories and meet a vibrant cast of characters who are fully voiced and animated.

Featuring voices by Brian David Gilbert of YouTube fame (Fallout 76) and Deneen Melody (Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition, Sword Art Online and Netflix’s Romantic Killer).

Meet and recruit a colorful team of characters to help you on your journey. From the dependable Detective Fuzz to Traff, the Princess of Cursing who hits like a truck and talks like a truck driver.

Unravel each character's story to fill in the blanks of your own history, delve into poignant live-action cut scenes, and discover the Genetic Memory that led to their creation.

Battle enemies in action-packed dodgeball-meets-bet-em-up style combat that will see you dodging patterns of projectiles and chaining combos to escape a mushy fate.

Collect new gear, unlock stronger abilities and fill your COOL MOVES bar to BREAK THE RULES and deal extra damage by smashing through the invisible wall protecting your enemies.

Complete quests to uncover deep lore and explore sprawling, gorgeously illustrated worlds, from Fuzzball Forest to the Sugar Swamp.

Visit shops to upgrade your gear, level up and mix and match new mechanics that will aid you on your epic quest to save the princess.


Copyright © 2024 Published by Entalto Publishing, Developed by Blackfield Entertainment. All rights reserved.

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